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National Railway Museum in York

One of the most popular museums in the UK is the National Railway Museum in York, which tells the story of over 300 years of rail transport in Britain. It has won over 20 awards including the European Museum of the Year Award in 2001, and several Tourism other Reply to rachel (23/02/2017, 12:23): "..." Wouldn't that mean that the European Museum of the Year award is a tourism award if I add “other”? Awards. The National Railway Museum is the home of the national collection of historically significant railway vehicles, as well as a collection of other artefacts and both written and pictorial records. The museum was opened by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 1975.

Many different kinds of railway carriages are displayed in The Great Hall

  • the 1938 Mallard which was the fastest steam engine in the world

  • the “Chinese Engine” which is the largest single locomotive in the museum

  • the Eurostar which has the historic role of connecting the UK with Europe's mainland the Duchess of Hamilton which is a stunning streamlined locomotive of the 1930's

  • the Shinkansen, a Japanese “Bullet Train” built in 1974, which revolutionised high-speed trains.

… and over 15 more!

After you have been on board these awe inspiring locomotives, you can watch the engineers at work in The Workshop, or visit the Warehouse which has over 750,000 railroad objects on display. Items such as gold and silver travel passes, railway medals, model trains, and the bullion box involved in the 1855 First Great Train Robbery are on display there. Photographs, videos, tickets, buttons, archived documents, drawings and art bring the railroad experience to life.

Besides having an being an.. Reply to rachel (23/02/2017, 12:28): "..." It has an extra section which is called Interactive Learning Centre, so I've added “having” - is that ok? Interactive Learning Centre, where you can learn how to drive a steam locomotive, the National Railway Museum also holds an open library with more than 20,000 books and 800 journals.

The exhibitions, talks, tours, and events will keep you busy all day!

After you visit the museum, make the most of your stay and explore the beautiful, historic city of York, which is just a ten-minute walk from the museum.

Opening times:

10am–6pm daily


We enjoy taking our students who are learning English with us in York to the National Railway Museum. Visit our Facebook page for more photos!

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