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  • Meg Oswald


Autumn has officially begun. Now that it’s October and the leaves are falling and temperatures are dropping, it seems fitting to recap on the summer we’ve had this year here at English in York.

What a summer it's been! We've enjoyed another busy summer season welcoming individuals and groups of all ages from all around the world. We've had students from Italy, China, Germany, and Spain. We've also had students from other corners of the world including Oman, Kuwait, Switzerland, Bahrain and Guinea! Welcoming students from different backgrounds and cultures allows for a mixed community and an opportunity for students to connect with someone they perhaps ordinarily wouldn't, as well as create friendships built around learning and language.

At English in York, it's really important to us that learning and absorption of English goes beyond the classroom. That's why we go out of our way to arrange exciting social activities and trips for the students to be involved in. They are often given the opportunity to get out of York and explore various other cities.

For instance, in July students enjoyed a trip to Liverpool visiting museums and discovering the docks. They had a great time!

A trip to Manchester was also on the agenda in July which included a visit to Old Trafford where the students experienced the world-famous football stadium in all its glory before heading into the city centre itself to visit other city attractions such as The Printworks. Going on such trips is a great way for the students to practise their English, form friendships and consistently build upon their existing knowledge. There is always something new to learn!

When the students aren't out on day trips and travelling elsewhere, there's a good chance they are indulging in another great city... York! We encourage the students to explore as much of our gorgeous city as they can and, again, often organise social activities to ensure they get the best experience out of York possible.

As well as the more popular tourist attractions in York such as York Minster and the York Dungeon, there are some lesser known but equally as exciting activities also. One of these being the Shakespeare Rose Theatre, which was a pop-up theatre in York over the summer showcasing various Shakespeare plays. Our students went to see The Tempest and really enjoyed themselves!

As for us at English in York, we've had a great summer and thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all and welcoming you to York. We can only hope that those who have studied with us this summer feel the same and have left us with not only improved English, but also happy memories that will (hopefully) last a lifetime!

As we enter a quieter period of the year, there are plenty of spaces for people to join us and experience the school for yourself. If you are thinking of joining then please apply or simply get in touch. We'd love to have you!

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