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Springtime in York!

The sun is finally shining here in York and we're all really happy to see it! It's been a long winter this year, and this week has been the first time our students have been able to walk around the city centre without a coat on :) The snow has melted and the rain has stopped and the daffodils have appeared on the walls that go all around the city.

We've had three groups studying with us in the last few weeks which means it's been very, very busy, but very, very fun as well!

Our Spanish group came and studied in the mornings only, with lots of exciting social activities during the afternoons.

Our Italian group are specialising in Business and Tourism, so we've focused a lot of those topics during their full-time courses and organised external excursions to supplement this.

Our German group are studying General English with us for one week, and then having two weeks of work experience in companies in York.

All of our groups have been able to experience the beautiful coastal town of Whitby and try some proper English fish and chips!

If you'd like to join us here, there's still plenty of time left to book for our summer courses. We'd love to meet you!

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