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A Winter Wonderland in York!

Normally at this time of year in the UK, we are getting ready for spring - the flowers are starting to appear, the weather gets slightly warmer and we're all ready to put our heavy winter coats away.

This year however, we have been hit by a polar vortex, nicknamed "The Beast from the East". This has collided with a storm and means that the whole of the UK has been hit with huge amounts of snow and icy temperatures - On March 1st, it was -5.9C - the coldest day in March ever recorded!

It has been very snowy here in York, and the whole city has been white for the last few days. Our students have all enjoyed playing in it, having too many snowball fights and getting very cold!

York is especially beautiful in the snow, and you can see how lovely our looks school below. We are enjoying the snow while it lasts!

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