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The amazing maze in York

There are so many fun and exciting things to do in York, and one of them is York Maze.

York Maze is based just outside York city centre near a small village called Elvington. The maze is a great attraction and is very popular in the summer, where visitors can find their way through a maze made of over 1 million living maize plants. It is the largest maze in the UK and has won awards!

During the autumn months, York Maze has something different to offer.. Their Hallowe'en events are well-liked by children and adults. From 21st October - 1st November there are activities during the day such as pumpkin carving, face painting and even a competition for the best carved pumpkin. It's perfect for families and people who like to celebrate Hallowe'en without being terrified!

At night there is the famous Hallowscream event. This is very popular among teenagers and adults who like to be scared! There are 5 haunted houses, side shows and lots of scary surprises along the way.. Look out for the spooky clowns who pop up out of nowhere!

If you would like more information about the York Maze, their website is here:

It is just one of York's brilliant attractions!

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