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Our Policies

In order to keep our school running smoothly and ensure that all students are safe and happy, we have certain policies and procedures in place.

Policy regarding students under the age of 18 years

English in York (EiY) offers courses for adults and does not provide an exclusively under-18 environment for study. To read our Safeguarding Policy in full please click here.

All students are treated as independent, mature individuals. However, we acknowledge that students under the age of 18 are legally children, and we have a Safeguarding Policy which is known to all staff and home stay providers.

The school will normally deal directly with a student, and not with parents. English in York corresponds with parents only when the student’s welfare and progress is considered at risk and the matter cannot be dealt with between the School and the student.

English in York recognises the need to safeguard younger students, and follows the policies and guidelines of the current UK legislation relating to the care of young people. All staff are made aware on a weekly basis of any students in school under the age of 18 years, and the Welfare Officer has a specific role as principal point-of-contact for all student welfare issues.

The parent or guardian of any student who is under the age of 18 must provide 24-hour contact information for the duration of their course at EiY. The parent or guardian should in turn retain the school’s contact details.

It is expected that students will respect the wishes of their Homestay family regarding behaviour, care for their home and meal times.  The student must keep the Homestay informed of their whereabouts and the times at which they will return following school or other activities. English in York has set a time by which young students are expected to return to their Homestay each day (normally 10.30pm).

There will be a special induction on arrival at EiY, which will give guidance to younger students on behaviour outside school hours, and on what they can expect when living with a Homestay family. This will include such details as laundry arrangements.

Lunch is not provided by the Homestay on weekdays, and students are expected to purchase their own. There are many places to buy lunch within three minutes’ walk of EiY.

Programmed Social Activities 

English in York organises various social activities. These usually take place outside normal school hours, either in the evenings or at weekends. They form an important part of the student’s time at EiY, offering the opportunity to socialise with other students and staff, and visit places of interest in the area. There will be a charge admissions and transport.

All students are invited to join in the social programme, which is supervised by EiY staff at appropriate ratios. In signing the English in York Consent Form, parents/guardians agree to a student aged under 18 taking part.

The Law in the UK

Alcohol and tobacco - UK law states that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol and tobacco. The School will take reasonable steps to seek to ensure that the law is not broken but cannot undertake to supervise any individual student.

- Suitability checks - All staff at English in York have been subject to enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks

- Relationships with staff - Under the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000, it is a criminal offence for anyone in a position of trust (which means any school staff) to engage in sexual activity with someone who is under 18 years

- Safeguarding - As a matter of law in England, a person under the age of 18 in years is a child. The school has a responsibility to safeguard those under the age of 18 years and will report any suspicions or allegations to the appropriate authorities. Any such suspicions or allegations will be initially reported to a member of the school’s safeguarding team. Richard Hawker is the Designated Safeguarding Lead; Laura Neale is the Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead; Rebecca Dunmore and Pauleen Morrison are Designated Safeguarding Persons

Prevent Policy

English in York understands its responsibilities under the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 to reduce the likelihood of people of all ages being radicalised or drawn into terrorism and seeks to meet its obligations. To read our Prevent Policy in full please click here.

Abusive Behaviour Policy

English in York expects to create an environment where all staff and students feel happy and safe. We have a duty to protect each other from abusive behaviour. To read our Abusive Behaviour Policy in full please click here.

Policy regarding discipline and exclusion


English in York expects a mature approach to attendance and timekeeping, and that students and staff treat each other politely and with respect.

Any behaviour which adversely affects the opportunity to learn, or which makes others uncomfortable, will be viewed seriously. This may include:

  •        Repeated or extended absences or lateness

  •        Inappropriate behaviour or language related to nationality, ethnicity, age, disability or gender

  •        Damage to property

We will investigate and act on any occurrences or complaints, as follows:

Discipline 5 STEPS:

1.     Discussion

2.     Verbal warning by Director of Studies / Management

3.     Written warning by Director of Studies / Management to students. A copy will be forwarded to parents  or sponsors where appropriate.

4.     Final written warning by Director of Studies / Management to students.  A copy will be forwarded to parents or sponsors where appropriate.

5.     Expulsion.  Please note that no refund will be given.  Students or their parents must arrange immediate return to country of origin, at own expense.

In the event of gross misconduct, we reserve the right to terminate a course with immediate effect. If you break any UK laws, we will also inform the police.

The 5 step procedure stated above will not apply in instances of:


  •         use / possession of drugs on site

  •         alcohol consumption on site

  •         violence (threatened or actual)

  •         theft

  •         possession of weapons

Complaints procedure

It is our number one aim to ensure that all students attending courses at English in York have a rewarding and happy experience.

If you do have any cause for complaint, please speak to your teacher or a member of the administrative staff as soon as possible.  If you are unable to resolve the problem together, you will be referred to the Director of Studies or the Office Manager for further discussion. If neither of them can settle the complaint to your satisfaction, the Managing Director, Mr Richard Hawker, will be consulted.

If we still cannot solve the problem, you will need to write about your complaint to English UK, 219 St John St, LONDON EC1V 4LY.

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