Living and Learning in the UK

A practical and cultural guide to students visiting Britain to learn English

Being a student in another country is a great opportunity. 'Living and Learning in Britain' will help you enjoy your stay and make the most of your learning experience in the UK. It will give you information and advice on important practical matters such as travel, money, insurance, health and so on.

Small differences in the way people do things can make a big difference. Part of your learning experience will be to notice, understand and deal with cultural differences. It helps to be prepared. It is not easy to be a foreigner in another country. For example, Americans speak the same language as the British and watch British films and TV programmes. However even Americans can be confused by British customs, behaviour and use of language when they visit the UK.


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Living and Learning in Britain

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Living and Learning in Britain - English
Living and Learning in Britain - Spanish
Living and Learning in Britain - Arabic
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