This course is ideal if you have specific objectives to meet, whether they are related to work, study or leisure. As a Combi-Solo student, you have one-to-one lessons all day and the focus of these lessons is entirely your decision. This is an individually designed course, based on a needs analysis. Whether you need preparation for a specific exam, Business English or General English for everyday use, the Combi-Solo option offers an opportunity to completely tailor-make your course. To make the most of these one-to-one sessions, we encourage you to bring any relevant materials with you to support your learning. 


Entry level:


Min. age:


Length of course:

Min. 1 week

Start date:

Every Monday


35 (25 hours +

1 hour self-study)

Class size:

Max. 1

*16 and 17 year olds are accepted onto our courses with parental consent