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About York

Information about York

English in York is located in the beautiful and historic city of York. York is England’s most visited city outside London and is situated in the north east of the country, in the stunning county of Yorkshire, by the River Ouse,


The ideal place to study

With its many tourist attractions: impressive architecture, museums, riverside walks, cafes and restaurants, York is an ideal place to study.  The city has the good fortune to be situated approximately two hours by train from London and Edinburgh with frequent direct train services. Once the capital city of England, York is a much-loved destination, particularly by students, offering a mix of a modern, cosmopolitan city in an ancient setting.


A very historical city

The history of York is said to be the history of England. It is an ancient city with Roman walls and Viking remains, and the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe towers over the Medieval streets. Museums illustrate this history. A major tourist destination, York hosts events and festivals all year round, showcasing  different types of music, theatre, culture, food and drink. 


Perfect for shopping lovers

If you like to shop, York is a great place to be! The city centre has a wide range of stores and there are two large shopping malls nearby. In addition to the usual chain stores , York has a number of independent shops and boutiques:  interesting to look around for gifts to take home!


Something for everyone

York has numerous eateries and bars to suit everyone. In the evenings there is a lively atmosphere.  York has a reputation for being a friendly city, where students can relax while immersing themselves in English outside school hours.

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